"Pratik Enterprises" One of the leading manufacturer of "S-tech"  brand  Weighing lysimeter & consultant & OEM Supplier of all type of agri Electronic Weighing systems. we are the leading manufactures of fully automatic weighing lysimeter system with wireless connectivity. We gives Best Quality Wide Range of Electronic Weighing lysimeter with Prompt & Efficient after sales service. All "S-tech"  weighing lysimeter  are Deigned using in the system based on Advanced Microcontroller Technology & Japanese Technology "Loadcell" for high accuracy & reliability.
The inner box  was manufactured from 2 mm thick corrosive resistant stainless steel plates .
The Weighing scale indicator with high precision type class II indicator with calibrated by weights & measure department with Govt. Verification Certificate.
The Weighing scale platform with corrosion resistant Stainless steel type heavy duty platform. design with single ended shear beam type four load cell for stable reading.
loadcell with 'IP 67' grade,sealed against moisture ingression and electroless nickel plated for corrosion resistant.
4 layer moisture probe with 200 mm layer height and
with built in temperature sensor.
principal: Dielectric constant of soil.
Range : 0% to 60.0 %
Temperature range : 0 oC to 60 oC
Total maximum probe length : 1 meter.
MOC of sensor : SS304 and natural nylon.
Cable length with sensor probe : 2 meter.
Transmitter: Supply voltage : 5 to 12 volts
unregulated suitable for battery operated system.
O/P : digital on serial port 232/485 at 9600 baud rate
with isolation. Accuracy : + 2% of reading. for moisture.
+ 1% of reading for temperature.